miércoles, 8 de julio de 2009

Zero Zero

* * *
We checked out all the prophecies/ We studied fat philosophies.
We made a graph... We chanted ooooommmmm
"ommni Padhni Disney Iceman Acme Leary Marx Illuminatus Christus Clarke..."

We'd watch for saucers in the dark/ We'd hunt lost arks;
tried splitting quarks/
when all we wanted was a Mark
/ just a something proving something's out there.
Are you listening?/ No chance.

There never is a way without a why/ Do we return after we die?
Is life a circle?
Are we hurtled headfirst into space?

Will we wind up as the bunch of grapes that makes the wine.../ that Christ exchanged for water.
Are we blood? Are we lime? Do you live?

We need a sign /is anybody there?

Are you listening?

And still the statues cry, the queen bee flies.../
we try our damndest to explain/ the reasons why and how and when and where... we're getting nowhere.
No doors deep inside this corridor/ of space and time... if space and time exist.
Oh we'll persist, if we exist.

Are you listening?
Are you listening?
Are you listening?

* * *

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