viernes, 12 de julio de 2013

Englishmen in New York

Creo que pasó muchas veces a lo largo de la historia: los músicos ingleses van a New York, la flashean y le componen temas y hasta discos enteros.
Acá van dos temazos. Presten atención a las similitudes que hay en las letras, las cosas que a cada uno le copó de la Gran Manzana.
Richard Ashcroft, New York (2000)
Are you tuning in/ Are you tuning in/ I wanted to go half my life/ And I feel kind of strange/ Like I never lived that life/ And I'm trying hard To control my heart/ And I always want to know/ And I always want to go

New York are you tuning in/ New York big city of dreams New York/ O what a city New York
Are you tuning in/ Are you tuning in

There's now time to unpack yet/ Lets get straight out on the Street/ And feel no inner bishions/ This city was built for me/ And my head is full of questions/ When did I feel this good/ In the arms of my lover/ Burning through the night of New York

And it's funny how time flyes/ In the city that never sleeps/ It's getting after hours/ And I'm feeling the heat/ I'm almost dead and buried/ The days nearly done/ But I want to keep on going/ I'm going to kiss the sun in New York

And I'm feeling kind of selfish/ I've been busy on your island/ Just having my own fun/ It's an English tradition/ Find some money make some time/ Get busy on your island/ Cos' we will only lose our minds in New York.


The Charlatans UK, NY (There´s no need to stop) (2006)
New York city 7 o'clock/ Giving it up for the vintage look/ Listening to the radio asking/  What's the deal boys/  We're into the wild unknown/  A freak show/  A place we call home

We don't need to educate/  We only want to stay up late/  Looking for these broken joints/  Take in a peepshow?/  We need to be told the reason/  We're all being sold

New York say what!/  I love you, I tell you, There's no need to stop!/ There's no need to stop!

Underground counter culture/  Eat you up like a hungry vulture/  Look at you half alive/  Like Dr Jeckal and Mr Hyde/  You'll never see what I seen/  You do last night

New York say what!/  I love you, I tell you, There's no need to stop!/  There's no need to stop!/  There's no need to

New York City 7 o'clock/  Giving it up for the vintage look underground/  I love this raps/  It's now or never/  A reason to live/  A reason to die

New York say what!/  I love you, I tell you,  There's no need to stop

James Brown-git down


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Astilla Dominguez dijo...

Hace tiempo vengo pensando en un post similar, ya vendrá la inspiración!

ultravivido dijo...

Preparese para conocer el vertigo de NY amigo. Si desea, le paso la data de las record stores y demás. Abrazo